Love yoga but struggle with

1. Join our simple weekly yoga challenges  📆

2. Complete a challenge ✅

3. Earn a treat for a rescue dog in a  🐕 shelter 

PS. New challenge starts this Monday!

Want to join our Doga Yoga Pack?

  • Discover a whole community of people doing yoga at home with their dogs next to them.
  • Classes are for the humans but your pup can join in anytime for cuddles 😉
  • We hold a 7 Day Challenge every Monday. 
  • Every challenge you complete, earns a treat for a rescue dog, currently sitting in a shelter.
  • Perfect if you love the benefits of yoga but need a helping hand to build a consistent practice.

What can you expect?

Beginner Friendly

Get fit and flexible

Simple Challenges

Complete to earn rewards for dogs

Our Community

Share and encourage your progress

Meet your instructors




Spend 15 minutes per day on YOU

Feel Positive

by doing something for you each day

Get Fit and Stretchy

with energising yoga flows for all levels

Share the Love

Give the joy of a toy to rescue dogs

Ready to build your best yoga habit?

Join thousands of dog lovers like you, doing yoga at home together, every day:

Rescues that we have supported so far:

Make your week and a dogs day happier!