Daily online yoga classes,
with dogs, for you.

Discover the best 20 mins of your day…

Why yoga & dogs?

More than just  a yoga class – Doga Yoga is a MOVEMENT to disconnect from technology and RECONNECT with yourself and your dog.

I first found yoga when I was working in a Software Company 10 years ago. It was a high pressure environment, working on tight deadlines, often for 12 + hours a day. 

Sitting at my desk I had poor focus, horrible back pain and my stress levels were through the roof.  The biggest relief I had, was coming home to my dog, but I still needed something more.

I walked into my first yoga class, and although it was a bit intimidating for me, I felt so much calmer and I knew I had to keep on coming back.

Since that first class I’ve done 1000’s of classes. It made such a positive impact on my life that after a few years, I became a qualified yoga instructor.

I practice yoga every morning on my deck with my dog Arlo cuddling in – it’s the best 20 minutes of my day.

I started Doga Yoga due to COVID-19, a lot of my friends were overwhelmed and requested a class they could do online.

I started recording my daily yoga classes with my dog Arlo and Doga Yoga was born.

I really want to get dog owners off their phones, out of their head and on the mat to be present and relax with their dog for 20 minutes a day. 

As people found that they were feeling healthier and happier due to daily yoga, the word spread and we soon had dog owners from all round the world!

There are now 1,000’s of dog lovers doing yoga every morning with us, and many had never tried yoga ever before.

Doga Yoga is a welcome, nourishing, non-intimidating way to build a positive habit and spend time with your dog.

Both yoga and dogs have powerful effects; aiding depression, stress, anxiety, physical fitness and wellness. 

This simple act of spending time daily with our dogs and ourselves has had a massive impact on my life and happiness.

And I look forward to sharing this happiness with you,
Melodie & Arlo.

Why join Doga Yoga?

Get Fit & Flexible

Move & stretch with classes suited for beginners & all experience levels


Join our Private Community of 1,000 members all here to support each other

Dog Time

Play, pat and cuddle with your dog between yoga moves

Mental Health

Reduce, stress and anxiety with nourishing and thoughtful flows

New Class Every Day

No decision fatigue here! Just roll out your mat and click play

Help dogs

Each month we support a different dog rescue to help dogs find loving homes

Meet your instructors






Join Us on The Mat For July!

Join us for a super fun and and warming ‘Winter Warmer’ Challenge.

30 Days of warming, fast, core-focused flows to get our blood moving! Classes are beginner friendly and all levels. 

Join our Online Mini Retreat (2 Hours) on the 18th of July HERE. 


– Supporting Animal Welfare League Queensland

– FREE for the Community – with the option to donate to this great cause

– Saturday 25th July

— 10am – 11am QLD time 

-Supporting Guide Dogs WA & Tasmania

– FREE for the Community – with the option to donate

– Saturday 8th August 

– 11am – 12 noon WA time / 9 – 10am QLD/TAS time. 

What You Can Expect

NEW CLASS EVERYDAY – never worry about which class to do every morning

CLASSES ON DEMAND – practice any class, anytime

BONUS LIVE CLASSES – practice with your fellow members and Melodie

MONTHLY TIMETABLE – new themed challenges every month

COMMUNITY  – join 1,000s of dog lovers in our vibrant and loving community

MOBILE APP – take us with you wherever you go with new app coming soon

FREE 30 DAY TRIAL – discover if yoga can become the best 20mins of your day

What our community say

Does my dog have to do class too?

 I’m so glad you asked! 

No – your dog can just enjoy you being on their level, chill out or join in. 

You don’t have to keep on doing all the yoga moves if your dog is asking for cuddles. 

Just stop, and enjoy some one on one time with your dog!

If you don’t have a dog that’s perfectly fine – come virtually adopt Arlo, Dani, Ruby or the other furry friends in the classes.

We welcome beginners so you don’t have to be a “yogi” in order to benefit from our classes. 

So you can feel challenged without feeling like this is impossible.

I have a rescue dog Arlo and I am currently fostering Dani and they have given me so much.
I wanted to give a little bit back for them by helping other rescue dogs to find their furever homes.
So we will be supporting one dog rescue in a different country every month.
To help more rescue dogs find happy homes with new loving owners.

Discover the best
20 minutes
of your day...